Thinking makes Difference

When thinking differently gives us the logic to solve a problem why don’t you consider that changing mind or changing way of thinking will change our life. Thinking will even change the way you look at things. You find water reflecting beautiful things more beautifully than  the way they are. But once the water is polluted, nothing is visible. In the same way if one allow their mind run on polluted thoughts, the actions those are reflected will be more or less destructive which may even lead to a great lose. When one allow their mind to be like pure water I believe that one can create wonders that would be more productive.



Some people consider “Tours/ Trips” to be a waste of time and useless. But I think we learn more when we go on a tour. They are actually fun as well as important part of our life during which we feel change and refreshment after having a daily basis hectic schedule. The change and the beauty of the surroundings will refill our mind and thoughts with new energy. The refreshment we gain would help us to work more and learn more. We find new people, new friends, new memories and lot more with which we feel to be more confident and happy 🙂